New casino player, new welcome offer! But do you know the different bonus types?

Online casinos are popular for their availability and ease of use, however, what makes online casinos so attractive in the eyes of gamblers are the many different types bonuses. With so many different bonuses available, it is easy to get confused, as to which are the best UK casino bonuses. In this article, we look at the different types of online casino bonuses. This is just a short summary of the different types and doesn’t say anything about where you can get your hands on these rewards, for that you can click here.

Welcome no-deposit bonus

Also known as signup bonuses, they are rewarded to any and all newly registered players. To receive the no-deposit bonus, create and confirm your online casino account.

There may be limitations to the no-deposit bonus so you should always read the terms and conditions of the casino before accepting the bonus. For instance, you might find an extremely high wagering requirement. Other casinos might require you to make a real money deposit before you can withdraw any winnings from the bonus.

The Great Enabler – the deposit bonus

Here, new players are offered a hefty bonus to match their deposit. The online casino will match your deposit with a specific percentage and send the money to your account. For example, you register and deposit £50 at an online casino that offers 100% match bonus of up to £400. You will receive another £50 as a bonus so that you have a total of £100 to enjoy all your favourite games. Note that the welcome deposit bonus is only offered once and cannot be re-offered even if you closed and re-opened your account, but at some sites you can get a multi tiered package giving you a bonus on several subsequent deposits.

Most casinos have wagering policies surrounding welcome bonuses. Confirm the wagering requirement by visiting the online casino’s terms and conditions page. There you will find out how much is the bonus, how long it will last and what is required for successful withdrawal.


Free money is usually a fixed amount that is offered to players, without the need for a deposit. An example would be if an online casino gives you free £100 if you make a deposit of at least £50. This will give you a total of £150 to use on all your favourite slots and poker games.

Please, do not be quick to join a casino and deposit money without doing the maths first. You might realise that a welcome bonus at another casino has more favourable conditions than the free money.

Loyalty pays off

Casinos offer loyalty bonus to existing players,who routinely make deposits and play at the particular casino. Most loyalty program bonuses are offered in tiers or levels, from the basic tier to the VIP level. All you have to do to move up the tiers is play daily while making significant winnings.

Different casinos deposit the loyalty bonus differently. Make certain to read the casinos terms and conditions to confirm how long you are supposed to play before you can start earning loyalty bonus. While some casinos offer loyalty bonus depends on your activity since you opened your account, others will determine your qualification based on a set period of time (weekly or monthly).


If you are wondering whether casinos have some consolation for all the times you lose, here it is. The cashback bonus is usually a percentage of the total losses a player has incurred in a certain period of time. Assuming an online casino offers a 50% monthly bonus and you lose £150 in a month, you should expect to receive a £75 bonus at the end of the month.

Note that not all online casinos offer cashback bonus. Also, some casinos with cashback bonus programs might have strict wagering requirements.


These are the bonus offered at certain websites, apart from the online casino. These websites have already formed an agreement with the online casinos. Such websites act as affiliates. Offering bonuses to their subscribers. Ensure that you read more about the bonus at the partner online casino.

So,which is the best online casino bonus? Fact is all bonuses have their advantages and disadvantages. Bonuses are important because they add a thrill to online casino games and make it possible for users to make extra winnings. However, players should always read the full terms at their potential casino, before making any deposit or accepting the bonus.