Casino free spins – the most popular bonus deal is more flexible than ever:

Free spin features are a part and parcel of the online casino world and are one the most popular offers among gamblers everywhere. It is a feature that is offered by almost every casino out there and they give customers a fantastic opportunity to try their hand at different games at new casinos, risk free and free of charge. Although there is no guarantee to win with free spins, there is the potential to win big with absolutely no monetary risk. Free spins can be a very rewarding casino game feature and are often used as a ploy by game developers to increase excitement and interest among their customers. Not only this, but there are number of variations in the type of free spin a customer can enjoy; it is an increasingly flexible online casino bonus.

Types of free spin bonus features:

Casino free spins are one of the most flexible casino bonuses on the market and there are a range of different variations on offer to punters.

Sign up Bonuses- Many online casinos, particularly those with the best software, offer free spins as a reward for signing up with their site. A player merely has to create an account with the links provided by the site and free spin bonuses will be automatically added to their accounts.

Free spins without deposit requirements- spin bonuses without a deposit requirement are perhaps the most common form of free spin bonuses. In this instance, if a casino gives a player ten free spins for example, then the player is able to use these on a specific slot machine without depositing any of their own money. The whole amount of winnings will then be added immediately to their bankroll. Free spins without deposit requirements are thus a very effective and quick way of accumulating funds and building up your bankroll.

Free spin bonuses with a deposit requirement- On the flip side, there are those free spins that do require players to make an initial deposit before the free spins become available for them to use. The amount of free spins available to the player in this case, will correlate directly with the amount of money they deposit.

Ongoing Promotional free spin offers- The majority of casinos will have special free spin offers for their regular customers throughout the year. Those who are most active and who keep up to date with the newest features on any given casino site, are the most likely to benefit from such offers. It is a good idea to sign up to casino newsletters and SMS subscriptions to keep up to date with the latest deals with regards to free spin bonuses.

One of the main aims of casinos today is to provide its players with their own currency, with which they can themselves purchase free spins without certain wagering requirements that some gambling sites impose on casino free spins. Not only this, but online casino developers are beginning to create free spin bonus features with higher values, some with a standard wagering requirement and others without. It is usually the case, that most of the bonus amounts and jackpots that are won during free spin features have these wagering requirements imposed upon them and many of them have to be played a certain number of times, in order that the player can claim the winnings.

There are usually different levels of wagering requirements, depending on the level of the free spin opted for. For example, regular or classic free spins are normally conducted with the games’ lowest wagering option. Big and super spins are generally free spins with wagering requirements of between £1-£2 and mega spins- the most lucrative free spin available- impose wagering requirements of £3 and above.

For this reason, before deciding which gambling site to go with or which type of free spin feature to choose, players should proceed with an element of caution and diligently read the rules and terms and conditions before plunging into a particular free spin bonus. If, for example, you are operating on a lower level, you might want to avoid those free spins that have wagering requirements.

Overall, free spins are not only one of the most popular and flexible bonus features in the online casino world, but they are a very good way for new customers to get involved in gambling sites. Free spins are also of much use to existing and regular gamblers, as a medium for trialling and getting to know a new casino or game mode.