What sort of bonus deals should you look out for on Rizk online casino?

Rizk Casino is an online casino that is licensed by authorities in Malta. This online casino has a lively look that makes you feel at home. The casino has a superhero theme where the mascot Captain Rizk is the superhero. One of the main features of this casino is the Wheel of Rizk. The casino bonuses on this casino are quite generous. It might have some of the best casino bonuses of all online casinos in the world today. The casino has many promotions for those who join.

Deposit Bonus

If you look at casino reviews, you will find that the casino’s deposit bonus has been praised a lot. In this casino, you are given a deposit bonus of 200% up to £100. Besides that, you will receive 50 additional free spins. If you want to get this offer, all you have to do is sign up and start playing real money games.

To play on this casino, you will need to provide a working number and email, which is used to verify your account. The 50 free spins will be spread over 10 days at 5 spins a day. There is a wagering requirement of 40 times for the bonus amount you get. To qualify for the bonus, you must deposit £10 to £100 on the first deposit.

Wheel of Rizk

This is a unique feature that is offered to all players on this casino. To qualify for the Wheel of Rizk, all you need to do is play the casino games until you fill up the power bar. Each time you play with real money, your power bar fills up a bit more. The more often you play, the faster this bar will fill up. When it does, you can access the Wheel of fortune. When you spin this wheel, there is the potential to win a lot of prizes.

Each time you fill up the power bar, you move to a new level. With each new level, the chance of rewards grows. At the highest levels, you unlock the jackpots and super wheels. This will let you spin the Extra Wheel for huge prizes.

For every tenth level, you will get access to the super wheel, which has doubled prizes. The first time you get a chance to spin the wheel a go is level five. The cash prizes start when you get to level ten. At this level, you will have unlocked the Big Ass Jackpot. You could also win some extra race points in the Rizk Race that takes place each week.

There are many other features on this casino such as the double speed chip. Once this feature is activated, the power bar fills up twice as fast. Besides cash prizes, there are many other rewards like super spins, free spin, and mega spins. This wheel of fortune means you will always have opportunities to strike it rich at the Rizk Casino.

Rizk Insider

The Rizk Insider feature lets you see all active promotions. You will also get to see winners who have taken part in past competitions such as the Rizk Race. The best part about this casino is that it often organises special promotion and events in the course of a year. You can pick from many bonuses; every month you will get to access new events. For instance, the Rizk Race often occurs, which gives you the chance to win cash prizes. Additionally, it makes you eligible to win the double speed chips and cash back chips.

The Top Quality Casino Games

Rizk Casino has a wide array of games from which you can pick. It has numerous video slots, which are presented in various slots. There is also diversity in the software providers used. You will find some of the top names in casino software at Rizk Casino. In fact, all the top five casino software providers are represented at this casino. The games on Rizk are sorted according to different themes and styles. Thus, you will always have a chance to find new games, which you will love. There are table games, video slots, live casino games, and much more.

Withdrawals and Deposits

At this casino, you will have access to more than five methods to make deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, you will be able to withdraw up to £5,000, which is quite generous. You can also make deposits of as much as £5000 and a minimum of £10 for those who want to test the waters.

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How to Use Retriggering Free Spins to Escalate Your Winnings

So you like playing slot games online? And you love the idea of adding a little stretch to your gambling money? Then you’re about to read something useful: this article will bring you up to speed on the art and science of how to use retriggering free spins. This is a handy technique that should work in any online casino UK (or even worldwide, for that matter). It’s also a legitimate technique that’s available to all, but not everyone is yet aware of its tremendous potential.

By learning how to effectively retrigger slots, you could manage to stretch your wagering money a good deal. Retrigger spins are nowadays available in most popular slot games at online casinos, so you just have to look for this feature and use it to best advantage. Read through this article for a full explanation, and get ready to experience thrilling moments that will definitely add to your enjoyment of slot gaming, as well as your potential earnings.

All You Need to Know to Effectively Retrigger Slots

You may have noticed the “free spins” option featured in most five reel video slots, including the most popular titles now available at online casinos. This is a special mode where you sidestep from wagering for a bit – hence the concept of “free”. The concept is simple: when you’re playing in free spins mode, there are certain symbol combinations outside of the typical winning sets that will add more free spins to your game. By chaining free spins one after another, you’ll manage to get further rounds that will allow you to keep spinning for free while keeping your eyes on the prize.

Usually, free spins will be activated by getting three or more scattered symbols. Depending on the slots game you’re playing, the specific winning sets will change, so it’s worth checking the rules of each slots game you play to understand what you’re aiming for. Most slots that feature this option will mention it directly on the paytable, so you should keep an eye out for this opportunity. Whenever you find a slot game that avails free spin bonus, we recommend that you use it to your best advantage as you have nothing to lose and quite a good deal of potential benefits.

Theoretically, free spins can be chained indefinitely if you’re really lucky. In real world terms, most slot makers will put a limit to the amount of free spin rounds you can get in a single game session. Usually, this limit will be somewhere between five and ten times, which is actually a reasonable amount that may add up to a significant total of spins. In any case, you’ll have to be on a winning streak to chain that many free spin bonuses in a row… but even if you just hit the mark a few times, that will translate in having dozens of spins for free – keep in mind that each time you trigger a winning combination you can amass anywhere from five to fifteen additional spins. It can really add up into an exciting winning streak if you are lucky to keep getting this bonus several times.

Why Should You Care About Retriggering to Get Free Spins?

If it isn’t obvious already, free spins give you an opportunity to amass a little wagering cash at any casino without actually making additional deposits. That’s because most casinos will actually give you some free spins when you first join. By choosing the right game and aiming to get additional free spins before your initial amount ends, you may find yourself hitting the slots many, many times before you actually have to put more real world money into the system. And while you’re in the process of chaining free spin bonuses, you may just be lucky enough to trigger an actual slot prize. It all comes down to numbers, and free spins can really help you capitalize and improve on your bankroll without actually having to spend your real cash.

To get the most of this opportunity, it’s worth paying attention to any mention of free spins at any new online casino UK you join. Most casinos will use this feature as a way to attract new players, so make sure to look for it whenever you’re considering signing up to a new online casino. When you do see it, make sure to read the rules of the game carefully and learn the winning combinations so you know what to look for when you start hitting the slots.

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Don’t worry about not understanding poker bonuses, let’s go all in

Winning in poker online is always a phenomenal feeling worth waiting for, as is the game that takes place before it; the experience provided in the game for people that enjoy playing is always entertaining regardless of the outcome, but what if you could get more time enjoying this experience? In this article, I hope to cover the great opportunities poker bonuses can provide for any level of player.

What are poker bonuses?

In short, poker bonuses can be categorised into two main types: no deposit bonuses, and deposit bonuses. Either type of bonus provides you with more money to play with on the site and therefore gives you more playtime and a greater chance to win. The difference between the two types however is when the bonuses are given to the player – a deposit bonus is a bonus that is given when a predefined deposit is made on an account, and a no deposit bonus is a bonus that is given by default with no deposit necessary, both of which are usually subject to specific terms and conditions.

Deposit bonuses

Some of the common deposit bonuses you’ll see are offers such as ‘300% deposit on over £10’ meaning that you’ll gain 300% of your deposit in addition to what you’ve paid if it’s over £10. These kind of offers might seem flawless, and although they mostly are they do usually have terms concerning the additional capital in regards to when it can be withdrawn and how it can be used.

For an example, let’s say we have a site called ‘Online Poker UK’. This site has a deposit bonus active, where there’s a 15% bonus on any deposit made on their site. We decide to make a £10 deposit during the time the offer is active, giving us a total balance on our account after depositing of £11.50 on our account. As you can imagine, that additional £1.50 wouldn’t get you very far in terms of value, making this a passable bonus depending on the percentage bonus on deposit.

The amount being deposited could be seen as the problem in that scenario; for a casual player, a £10 deposit might vary in frequency from common to sparingly when they occasionally come back to the site. However, for players who find themselves spending more at once, these kind of bonuses can actually have a lot of value and might add the equivalent of a high stakes game to your balance in some extreme scenarios.

No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses are usually tailored towards new users of a site. An example of this might be calling the bonus a ‘starter pack’ or a ‘test bet’, both of which aren’t far off what the bonus could be used for on the site. Other usages of a no deposit bonus might be for an event or gift on a poker site; thanking a loyal user on an anniversary or a gift to players on their birthdays or Christmas.

One common condition to deposit bonuses and no deposits alike is that a specific amount of the bonus must be bet before any winnings and deposits can be withdrawn. This is just to cover the sites costs and ensure that people aren’t withdrawing these bonuses for easy profit. The other downside to both types of bonuses however is the size. If you were starting on one site with just the no deposit bonus it provides, you might only have enough for one poker game. This means that earning any kind of profit from this kind of technique is arguably only really possible by an above average player, but at the very least a bonus of this type could provide you with a fun game or two.


Casino’s available bonuses are always worth keeping track of to ensure that you get the best value for any spending and can get the maximum number of chances to win in one of your games. The extra capital these bonuses can bring is a great safety net for any player, and despite the usual conditions attached to bonus funds given they give you a great opportunity to win even more money, effectively for free in some circumstances, and withdraw that money once requirements are met.

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Deposit Casino Bonus Deals And How To Clear Them Faster

Many online casinos offer new and existing players deposit bonuses. Often, these will come in the form of a casino match bonus, where a player deposits a certain amount and the casino matches this. Those who are unfamiliar with online casinos can often be disappointed when they are confronted with the terms and conditions of this type of bonus. A casino deposit bonus generally comes with wagering requirements, meaning that the player must wager the deposit bonus amount a certain number of times before they are able to make a withdrawal. Wagering requirements are different for every individual casino but generally range between 20x and 40x the bonus amount. Bonuses are a great way of building up funds but if you don’t know how to clear them, the chances are you will walk away empty handed.

What Is The Best Way To Clear A Casino Match Bonus?

There are several techniques you can use to make the most out of your bonus and hopefully walk away significantly richer than before you started playing. Often, online casinos will set the wagering requirements of a bonus to vary on different games, so the type of game you play can be the difference between clearing your bonus funds quickly, or losing everything. Slots are generally the best game to play, as they usually have the lowest wagering requirements. Some table games like roulette or blackjack may not count towards wagering requirements, this is dependent on the casino operator however, so it’s vital to check the terms and conditions surrounding your bonus before you start playing.

Tips For Clearing Your Bonus Quickly And Efficiently

Be aware of the excluded games, some casinos may only allow certain slot games to be played. Find out which games count towards the bonus wagering, and if any games have a higher wagering percentage contribution than others. Percentage contributions are key in a quick bonus turnaround, some games may only be worth 5% or 10% of any bet towards the wagering requirements, while others will be worth 100%.

Understand how wagering works, when a bonus has a wagering requirement of 20x, this means you will need to wager 20 times the bonus and deposit amount, not just the bonus amount. So, if you deposit £10 and the casino matches this, you will have £20 in funds that will need to be wagered 20 times, equating to £400. If you fail to wager that £400, then you will be unable to request a withdrawal, not even for the original deposit that you made. When making a deposit and accepting a bonus your deposit is forfeited and is turned into bonus funds.

Realise that less is sometimes more when it comes to bonuses. For example, if you decide to deposit £100 and the casino matches this, you then have £200 in funds subject to wagering requirements, if the requirements are 40x then you’ll have a lot of wagering to do. This means you must wager £8,000 in funds before you can make a withdrawal, which can be very difficult. If the bonus has a short time frame, and a limited number of games that are eligible, then it may be near impossible to meet the requirements. Therefore, you should always read the terms and conditions and think through as to whether the bonus is suitable for you. Casinos have to make money, and ensure that bonuses are not abused, this means terms and conditions are often strict.

The Importance Of Terms And Conditions

Failure to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of a casino deposit bonus can have some pretty bad consequences. For example, some casinos will actually remove all funds from your account if you attempt to make a withdrawal before you have met the wagering requirements of the bonus. If this happens, there’s not a lot you can do if you didn’t read the terms and conditions, or comply with them. You will usually be given the option to accept or decline a bonus and will be presented with the terms and conditions. Sometimes however, you will be required to use a bonus code with your deposit and terms and conditions may not be presented. If this is the case, most casino will have general terms and conditions on their website that are applicable to most bonuses. You should also familiarise yourself with the timeframe you have to clear the bonus, usually it’s 7 days from the day that you make your deposit on.

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Everything you will ever need to know about online bingo bonuses

With the huge increase in online bingo games, there is fierce competition to attract new players. One of the ways this is achieved is by offering bonuses and promotions. With so many types of online bingo bonus available, it pays to understand what is on offer. Whilst the offers can sound very simple, in practice we need to understand the wagering requirements of the offers. This enable us to properly understand how to clear our bingo bonus, and cash out our winnings.

What are the wagering requirements of an online bingo bonus?

Wagering requirements tend to change site to site. In essence a wagering requirement is the amount a player is required to wager before he or she can withdraw any winnings associated. To illustrate how this works here is an example;

Say a particular site offers a 200% bonus upon depositing for the first time, with a 5x playthrough rule.

This means if you deposit £100, the site will give you a 200% bonus, in this case £200, giving you a total of £300 to play with.

Now the playthrough requirement, which is another way of saying wagering requirement, could be for either the deposit and bonus, or just the bonus.

In the first case, that means the player would need to wager a total of £1200 (5 x £300) or in the second case, £1000 (5 x £200). Only once this amount has been wagered can the player withdraw any winnings.

In reality, there are almost as many variations on the wagering requirements as there are bingo sites. So now, lets delve deeper into some of the possible features of wagering requirements, as this can help you decide what is the best bingo bonus for you.

Wagering Requirements – All you need to know

Bigger Bonuses = Bigger Wagers

Although this is not the case 100% of the time, it comes pretty close, with larger bonuses requiring a larger wagering requirement, which makes sense from the sites point of view. On the plus side, if you are used to casino wagering requirements, bingo sites generally have a smaller requirement. Typically expect wagering multipliers to be in the order of 2x up to 7x rather than 10x to 50x in a standard online casino.

Another important factor when deciding who has the best bingo bonus, is the length of time you have to clear the bonus. If you have a very large bonus but a very short expiration time, it will be hard for you to clear the bonus in time and cash out.

Different will have different terms

Different bingo sites tend to have their own terms for their wagering requirements, so they could also be referred to as the bonus rollover, bonus multiplier, bonus turnover or bonus playthrough. Make sure to take a look at the terms and conditions for each site and learn the terms they use.

How to clear your bingo bonus

Again, this area of the online bingo bonus world is not as simple as it may sound. Different sites has different rules, with some bonuses becoming available to cash out when the wagering requirements are satisfied and some that can never be.

As an example lets say you have just received a bonus from an online bingo site of £50. The site states you need to fulfill a 4x wagering requirement. You use your bonus money to buy tickets and manage to win a great £500 jackpot! Great news, but in total you will need to buy £200 worth of tickets before you can cash out, ie. 4 x £50.

Now, if this bonus is what is known as a sticky bonus, you will be able to withdraw any winnings, but not the original £100 bonus, with some sites this will remain in your account and you can use to buy more tickets, with other sites it may be removed as soon as you have made a withdrawal.

On the other hand, if the bonus was a real money bonus, you can withdraw all your winnings, including the £100, which is converted to real money once you have fulfilled the wagering requirements.

So remember, when deciding if a bonus is worth taking or deciding what is the best bingo bonus for you, always take a look at the terms and conditions. Good luck and play safe.

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Casino free spins – the most popular bonus deal is more flexible than ever:

Free spin features are a part and parcel of the online casino world and are one the most popular offers among gamblers everywhere. It is a feature that is offered by almost every casino out there and they give customers a fantastic opportunity to try their hand at different games at new casinos, risk free and free of charge. Although there is no guarantee to win with free spins, there is the potential to win big with absolutely no monetary risk. Free spins can be a very rewarding casino game feature and are often used as a ploy by game developers to increase excitement and interest among their customers. Not only this, but there are number of variations in the type of free spin a customer can enjoy; it is an increasingly flexible online casino bonus.

Types of free spin bonus features:

Casino free spins are one of the most flexible casino bonuses on the market and there are a range of different variations on offer to punters.

Sign up Bonuses- Many online casinos, particularly those with the best software, offer free spins as a reward for signing up with their site. A player merely has to create an account with the links provided by the site and free spin bonuses will be automatically added to their accounts.

Free spins without deposit requirements- spin bonuses without a deposit requirement are perhaps the most common form of free spin bonuses. In this instance, if a casino gives a player ten free spins for example, then the player is able to use these on a specific slot machine without depositing any of their own money. The whole amount of winnings will then be added immediately to their bankroll. Free spins without deposit requirements are thus a very effective and quick way of accumulating funds and building up your bankroll.

Free spin bonuses with a deposit requirement- On the flip side, there are those free spins that do require players to make an initial deposit before the free spins become available for them to use. The amount of free spins available to the player in this case, will correlate directly with the amount of money they deposit.

Ongoing Promotional free spin offers- The majority of casinos will have special free spin offers for their regular customers throughout the year. Those who are most active and who keep up to date with the newest features on any given casino site, are the most likely to benefit from such offers. It is a good idea to sign up to casino newsletters and SMS subscriptions to keep up to date with the latest deals with regards to free spin bonuses.

One of the main aims of casinos today is to provide its players with their own currency, with which they can themselves purchase free spins without certain wagering requirements that some gambling sites impose on casino free spins. Not only this, but online casino developers are beginning to create free spin bonus features with higher values, some with a standard wagering requirement and others without. It is usually the case, that most of the bonus amounts and jackpots that are won during free spin features have these wagering requirements imposed upon them and many of them have to be played a certain number of times, in order that the player can claim the winnings.

There are usually different levels of wagering requirements, depending on the level of the free spin opted for. For example, regular or classic free spins are normally conducted with the games’ lowest wagering option. Big and super spins are generally free spins with wagering requirements of between £1-£2 and mega spins- the most lucrative free spin available- impose wagering requirements of £3 and above.

For this reason, before deciding which gambling site to go with or which type of free spin feature to choose, players should proceed with an element of caution and diligently read the rules and terms and conditions before plunging into a particular free spin bonus. If, for example, you are operating on a lower level, you might want to avoid those free spins that have wagering requirements.

Overall, free spins are not only one of the most popular and flexible bonus features in the online casino world, but they are a very good way for new customers to get involved in gambling sites. Free spins are also of much use to existing and regular gamblers, as a medium for trialling and getting to know a new casino or game mode.

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Typical daily bonus deals on uk online casinos

Several of the top online casinos advertise daily lists of bonus deals. Updated around every 24 hours, these lists typically include a variety of bonus codes for different games. There are several different types of online casino bonus deals available in these daily lists and each of them has its own advantages. Read on to find out about some of the main UK casino bonus offers you are likely to encounter when browsing a selection of daily deals.

No deposit bonuses

This is a large category of bonuses, encompassing any bonus that does not require you to set down a monetary deposit in order to use it. No deposit bonuses tend to be aimed at new customers to a casino, but they can be made available to almost anyone.

Deposit multipliers

These bonuses take your casino deposit and multiply it by a given amount. For instance, if a casino is offering a deposit multiplier of 3x your initial deposit, this will turn a deposit of £100 into a cool £300.

Free spins

The clue with this bonus is in the name. When you apply a bonus code that offers free spins to a slot machine game, or a game such as roulette, you will be able to enjoy a certain number of ’rounds’ of that game without paying any money for it (either real or virtual).

Free upgrades

Have you ever wanted to try out a casino’s VIP account option without having to pay the hefty account fee? Some sought after bonus codes will enable you to do just this – often for a limited trial period. Clearly, the aim here is to lure players in to sign up for VIP accounts, and to show them the benefits of these accounts so that once the trial period is over they will be prepared to pay the additional fee to continue using their more high powered account.

Free withdrawals

It is customary for casinos to charge you to withdraw your winnings. Different fees will apply to different withdrawal methods. With a free withdrawal bonus code, however, players can take advantage of commission free withdrawals. If you spot one of these codes, now is the time to make as many withdrawals as possible within the relevant time period.

Some caveats relating to using bonus codes

Before applying a bonus code, ensure that you have read all of the terms and conditions. For instance, some bonuses’ T&Cs will only let you withdraw your winnings once the winnings in your account have reached a minimum amount. This minimum amount may not be covered by the maximum amount that you can win with the bonus code. Or, a bonus that offers you access to a VIP account type may require that you sign up for that account. Your membership of the VIP account may be automatically renewed unless you physically cancel it yourself, so this is something to remain mindful of. These are just two examples of how bonus codes can carry with them unexpected twists and turns that cause them to be less profitable than they seem.

Keep your eyes peeled for bonus codes

Prudent though it is to stay wary about bonus codes, some of those daily deals can really help you to win big. Scanning those daily lists of casino bonus deals on a regular basis will ensure that you stay up to date with all of the various offers that are out there. Just remember: if something looks far too good to be true, then that may well be because it is too good to be true.

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